IFIRE Engineering & Consultancy was launched in 2009, by Taso Iliakis in Nicosia Cyprus, bringing together a young and dynamic team that provides state of the art and innovative “Life and Fire Protection” engineering and consultancy services.
IFIRE executes Design, Consulting, Surveying, Tender preparation and Construction Supervision, with a focus on military projects, which allows for a significant technical advantage to the project stakeholders with hands on experience.
IFIRE scope includes strategic, operational and technical solutions. We engage with private and governmental organizations around the world in the following industries:
  • OIL & GAS
We ensure projects continue moving forward and carry a quality stamp, while delivering on time sensitive deadlines and respecting local customs and traditions.
Alongside our creative team we have a winning combination that allows our clients to feel at ease when a project is put forward. Our core competencies:
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Speed in the execution
  • Outstanding
IFIRE employs a new business model designed to support and collaborate technical tactics know-how to the project. This allows IFIRE to sustain independent tactics while using strategic alliances to provide solutions at the highest standards.
Our mission is to provide clients with solid, cost-effective solutions executed with a quality stamp, that are engineered one step further via 3 important cornerstones
Our objective is to establish a trademark of innovation and flexibility to meet today’s multi-faceted project delivery in the most demanding conditions.
At IFIRE we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment from an office procedural viewpoint and also in the way that we can influence the built environment as part of a design team and in carrying out our functions as consulting civil/structural engineer.
We believe that a proactive approach towards conserving and enhancing natural resources is consistent with our business principles and values.
At IFIRE we ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully and completely satisfied in an effective and efficient manner. To achieve maximum quality of our services, we developed a management system that addresses IFIRE activities with an impact on service. The system is implemented using a combination of policy, objectives, performance standards and the use of competency:
  • Adopting excellence in everything we do
  • Emphasizing on customer service
  • Strict compliance to applicable standard and regulations for all our activities
  • Optimizing costs and maximizing productivity
  • Recognition of total involvement and participation of the entire team