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Code Consultancy

Code interpretation and implementation can be a difficult task especially when it involves prescriptive approaches and multiple codes and standards in force. IFire is actively involved in the development of international codes, standards and guidelines. With this expertise at hand and performance based design techniques, IFIRE helps you implement code requirements effectively, on time and with no discrepancies.

 -Performance based design-

However, in contrast to the prescriptive approach which only specifies methods and systems without identifying how these achieve the desired safety goal, performance based design is an alternative approach to the code in the case of fire protection. Using engineering approaches based on established fire safety objectives, analysis of fire scenarios and assessment of design alternatives against the objectives, this allows for more design flexibility, freedom and innovation in construction technique and materials, gives equal or better fire safety and maximizes the cost/benefit ratio during design and construction.


  •     Building & Fire Code consulting
  •     Code Equivalency
  •     Multi-code conflict resolution
  •     Due Diligence Surveys
  •     Litigation Support
  •     Evaluation
  •     Documentation
  •     Performance Based Code compliance
  •     Negotiation

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